My Weekly To Do List


A written to-do list is a total must for me. Without one, I’ll shift into hyperdrive after my morning coffee kicks in, forget completely the highly curated plan I’d been mulling over during the breakfast rush and find myself (whoops!) bumbling around Target for my daily sliver of childless free time. 

This week I decided to upgrade my to-do list game (chicken scratch in an old notebook) and designed a printable weekly sheet, and it’s been SUPER helpful. I can map out my entire week, move what didn’t get done yesterday into today’s column (and therefore keep myself from forgetting it altogether), figure out what my weekly and monthly goals are, and just generally stay on track. Total game changer.

BONUS: I’ve uploaded the PDF file to Dropbox if anyone wants to give my to-do list a whirl. Click the button below to get it!